Everycards is a versatile app that helps you study a variety of subjects in a multitude of ways.

Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I create cards from scratch?

From the home screen of your device

From the home screen of Everycards

In an existing album

How do I create cards from elsewhere?

Import from CSV¹

Copy and paste¹

In another app


When should I use flashcards and quizzes²?

How do I study with flashcards and quizzes?

What does it mean “associative learning”?

Does Everycards have a spaced repetition feature?

How do I organise my cards?


Is there any gamification in Everycards?

Using content

What types of media can I use?

Can I use multiple forms of media on one card?

What are slides in Everycards?

Can I use saved audio files, or do I have to record in Everycards?

Can I change the cover of an album?


Use all kinds of media

Learn the way you like it

Use all kinds of media

¹ In-app purchase required. Free trial available.
²Also called multiple choice or objective response.