Press Kit

What is Everycards?

At its core, Everycards is an app to create and study flashcards and quizzes. It can be used for student learning, and as an authoring tool for creating complete card-based learning courses.

This helps to memorise knowledge from almost any field: languages, exact sciences, art, medicine, and more. The app supports the use of text, photos, audio recordings (base version), and drawings (pro feature*). Text-to-speech works for 60 languages and dialects (provided by OS).

The main strengths are versatility, multilingualism and privacy. This is achieved through advanced fine-tuning options for the needs of students (including accessibility), unique card navigation mechanics, and app architecture (everything works on the device).

For example, a quiz in Everycards may have answer options that include both text, photo, and audio. Users can switch or add new languages without loosing existing ones, and it’s all available offline.

Core features

Easy card creation

Create cards in any of the six available ways. Sometimes even without opening the app.

Learn using associations

Use slides and media for contextual understanding and memorisation using mnemonic devices.

Create complete learning courses

Use folders, albums, and categories that can be converted into lockable game levels*. Assign a response time and points for quiz questions.*

Recorder with Best Take™

You can record your voice in multiple takes and then choose the best one to use on the card.*

Advanced language system

There are three kinds of languages (app, contents, meta) that are independent and non destructive.

Voluntary knowledge grading

Learn without thinking every minute about how good you are at this or that knowledge. But mark what you’ve learnt, anytime.

Focusing on the content

In Master Mode™ all buttons are hidden and you navigate the cards using only gestures.*

Visual accessibility

Adjust font sizes. Use dark mode, high contrast, bold and coloured* texts of any length.

Motor accessibility

Works in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Hearing accessibility

Meaningful sounds and haptic feedback for important actions. Ability to turn off all sounds.

Respects privacy

No account creation required. Your data does not leave the device until you choose to share it.


Cards are just files. You can share them with your friends (to work on them together) or sell them on Gumroad or another online store.

Native app

Split screen mode on iPadOS, cursor and keyboard support, context menus, and more.


Download all of the following images, the Everycards logo and sample card albums.


Key visuals




£0.99, here is an explanation why it’s paymium. Once a month it becomes free.

£11.99 Everycards Pro, one-time in-app purchase.

Everycards is a universal app for iPhone and iPad, supports Family Sharing.

Release Date

March 19th, 2019. The major update (version 1.3) that adds many key features released March 12th, 2023.


Everycards is available in most territories that the App Store supports.** It is fully localised in English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian with more support for other languages to follow.

About Us

Everycards was designed by Andrew Alex in London and developed by Axon in Ukraine. Everycards’ development began in October of 2018. The Everycards’ social mission is to provide equal opportunities to anyone who uses study cards. The company vision is to enable every student or teacher to create a complete curriculum — from cards — in any subject, in many languages, and be able to distribute it globally.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send us email on

We’re happy to answer anything!

*In-app purchase required. Free trial available.

**The Everycards app is not available in the following countries: Belarus, Eritrea, Mali, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Syria.