Easy-to-navigate: FAQ

While learning can be difficult, simplifying it can make it a little easier.

The following explanations will give you with a better understanding of how this works.

Card navigation

What do you mean by “easy-to-navigate”?

How does easy navigation benefit studying with flashcards?

How does easy navigation affect learning through quizzes¹?

How does easy navigation impact the grading of my knowledge?

How does easy navigation contribute to better mental health?

How can I change what type of cards I study?

How can I limit the number of cards in a study session?

How do I study the cards in random order?

How do I reverse the sides of the cards?

What else can I customise?

Long text

My card has so much text that it looks unreadable. How can I fix this?

What are slides in Everycards?


I want to review my flashcards, but I’m only seeing one card?

What is Master Mode?

How to navigate cards in Master Mode?

How do I leave Master Mode?


What makes Everycards app user-friendly

Don’t stop when you’re learning

Learn without compromises

¹ Also called multiple choice or objective response.
² In-app purchase required. Free trial available.