Easy-to-navigate: application

How does navigating Everycards app differ from others?


Let’s start from the beginning. Open on your iPhone or iPad any app that allows you to create and study flashcards or quizzes.

How many possible initial actions can you take from this app’s home screen? Seven? Twelve?

Can you quickly navigate through so many possibilities? Even on the go or while commuting? Do you feel the spatial logic of the location of all these buttons?

Compare this to Everycards for iOS which has just one scrolling area on its main screen and four buttons in the corners:

Everycards’ home screen

This is done deliberately, guided by Miller’s law, Fitts’ law and the principle of progressive disclosure.

Therefore, it is easy to navigate on the home screen of Everycards. You can quickly start doing what you came for:

1. Create a new study card;
2. Select an existing album of cards;
3. Visit a store of ready-made albums;
4. Delete or duplicate albums;
5. Adjust your personal relationship with the app.

When creating a card, you don’t have to meet any of the absurd conditions that other programs impose, such as “add three more cards to continue.”

Everything is simplified at Everycards: just do it! 💪


After you have selected the study card album, there are also only five buttons, a switch, and a scrolling area at your service:

Everycards’ album screen

Using them, you can:

1. Familiarise yourself with your progress;
2. Create a new study card;
3. Manage album content;
4. Change study-related album settings;
5. Select a card to view it separately;
6. Start (or continue) studying.

The last action is probably the one you’ll do the most. That's why the “Study” button is the biggest and different from the others. By the way, you can customise the button’s label text¹! Make it uniquely yours! 🤩


If you have selected a card for individual viewing, you can either
1. Familiarise yourself with its contents; or
2. Edit this content.
You can also here
3. Edit the graphic display style and language settings, and immediately see the result.

Everycards’ card preview screen

When you study with Everycards, your brain won’t be overwhelmed with choices. But everything you need will be at hand:

Everycards’ flashcard and quiz screens


Nothing should distract you from the main thing — studying. And we have made studying at Everycards as convenient as possible for you.


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