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Use any media that helps you remember.

Everycards is the world’s #1 app for providing you with a variety of ways to use different types of information that you need to remember or that trigger useful learning associations.

See it for yourself.

Everycards study cards can contain text, photos, and audio. In any combination, on both sides of the card.

The text can be read aloud in languages supported by the operating system.

Images can be either photos from your photo gallery (JPG, HEIF) or PNG files (with transparency support, which is useful in dark mode). Try to switch it right here!

Image positioning: you can either fill the entire card, fit everything on the card, or manually crop it.

The original image is not actually cropped but can be viewed by clicking the Expand button.

You can also get a close-up view of long, small text in the same way.

You can quickly look up an unfamiliar word from the card in the system dictionaries and thesaurus¹.

If there are several words on the card, you can conveniently define each of them separately.

Try it, it’s a very useful feature when learning languages.

¹ In-app purchase required. Free trial available.


Use all kinds of media

Learn the way you like it

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